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Quenelle Spoons


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Quenelle or rocher turn any ice cream, whipped cream, mousse or mashed potatoes into a visual and culinary more sophisticated new level. However, good spoons for shaping quenelle are difficult to find because they have to be made of quality material with a deep bowl to achieve the iconic quenelle shape.

We tackled the problem and developed two different size spoons that always ensure perfectly rounded quenelles with pointed ends. Same sized spoons flush with each other, allowing quenelle to be either pulled with one spoon or formed with two spoons.

Available in two sizes for 6 cm and 8 cm long quenelles and in two handle lengths for ergonomic work from the wrist and for working in deep vessels.

The large and small Quenelle spoons with short handles are also available as a set.

Stainless steel, dishwasher-safe and made in Solingen.

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