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Vegetable Slicer 2mm


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stainless steel DIN 1.4034, hardened; ABS; blade cover: PP


Length: 24.5cm
Width: 8.9cm
Height: 4cm

Design: Ralph Krämer

The handy and compact vegetable slicer for 2 mm thick slices. Unlike known straight or V-shaped slicing blades, the blade of the vegetable slicer is developed  in Solingen, patented and curved to a parabolic shape. The cutting angle changes constantly and mimics the rocking, smooth cut of a chef’s knife. The result is a previously unknown cutting performance and a blade that holds its extreme sharpness for a long time.

A safety holder with integrated blade guard ensures safe working and allows processing to the last slice. Used as a blade guard, it permanently protects the extreme sharpness of the professionally hardened blade and it protects against accidental injury.

triangle is committed to sustainable production and is increasingly using alternative materials whenever possible. For the sake of the environment, the slicer therefore consists of a high quality and food safe PA plastic with 30% straw fiber content.

A larger version of the plane with adjustable cutting thickness is also available.

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